Sunday, 14 February 2010

radio show 18


1 Zwicker /Dragon Fly (feat. Billy Oden) //Compost
2 Matt Flores /Let..s Save Butter //Combination
3 Sequel /Solutions Short //Sonar Kollektiv
4 Mm Oh Ah /Game Over //Knistern
5 Amillionsons /Outta My Head //Shiva
6 Yellowhead /Cll th Abmlnc m Bd //Heavy Mental
7 Part Time Heroes /Pressating //Wah Wah 45
8 Mr. Scruff /Fix That Speaker //Ninja Tune
9 Little Dragon /Recommendation (Toddla T Remix) //Peacefrog
10 Dadamnphreaknoizphunk /My Game //Mole Listening Pearls
11 Vangel /Wake Up //5 & 1/4 Records
12 Depth Charge /Shy //D.C.
13 Higamos Hogamos /Major Blitzkrieg (Mickey Mmoonlight Remix) //D.C.
14 Gaby Y Carlos /Hot Heavy Heat (Dimlites 'Hot Air And Thick Plastic'-Remix) //Ish
15 Vincent Markowski /The Number Arkiv (album version) //D.C.
16 Echologist feat. The Spaceape /Mercy Beat (no mercy dub) //Resopal Red

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