Sunday, 14 February 2010

radio show 06


01 Eddie Gale /Song of Will //Blue Note
02 Bohannon /Save Their Souls //Dakar
03 Ivan "Boogaloo Joe" Jones /Sweetback //Luv N' Haight
04 The Awakening /Slinky //Black Jazz
05 The Believers /Across The Track //Brownstone
06 Carol Kaye /Boogaloo //Gap Classics
07 The Meters /Funky Miracle //Josie
08 The Soul Searchers /We The People //Sussex
09 Matata /I Want You//Makossa Int
10 Sol /Stand Up & Testfy //Luv N' Haight
11 Fatback Band /(are you ready) Do The Bus Stop //Polydor
12 Exit 9 /Miss Funky Fox //Brunswick
13 Roy Porter /Sound Machine //Luv N' Haight
14 The Counts /Rhythm Changes //Westbound
15 Marie 'Queenie' Lyons /I Want My Freedom //Vampi Soul
16 The Watts 103rd Street Rythm Band /Oh Happy Gabe //Warner
17 Fontella Bass /Talking About Freedom //Mojo
18 Noir /How Long //Dawn

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