Sunday, 14 February 2010

radio show 16


1 Dusty /Keep it Raw //Jazz & Mlk
2 M.W.D. /Snake //Budabeats
3 Gerardo Frisina /Donke De //Schema
4 Briskey /Sweltering Sirocco //Downsall Plastics
5 Broadway Project /Bar Room Brawl //ODS
6 Kelpe /Stop Parching Yourself (Fulgeance Booty Call Remix) //D.C.
7 Tramp Towers /Ghetto Barbie (LUX remix) //Blunted Funk
8 Moodymann /Heaven //KDJ
9 Mancini and The Creepers /The Calling //CD-R
10 The Natural Yogurt Band /Thoughts //Jazzman
11 Stee Downes /Movement (Diesler Remix) //Sonar Kollektiv
12 Quiroga /Easy Cat //Cactus Island
13 Tempa /Nightfall Manoeuvres //2600
14 Nomo /Round The Way //Ubiquity
15 Shuggie Otis /XL-30 //CBS

special thanx to blunted funk , JaySparks & tommy

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