Thursday, 16 September 2010

radio show 28

Pablo - high jazz
King Britt presents sister Gertrude Morgan - i am the living bread
Son Of Dave - Voodoo Doll
Gil Scott heron - new york is killing me
The Natural Yogurt Band - eastern promise
Mandingo - black riot
Crookram - crookrilla
Lady Daisey - big time
Palov - Whats That
Kutiman - i am new
[re jazz] MG4BB (Shur-I-kan Remix)
Parov Stelar - the phantom (1930 version)
The Bahama Soul Club - Afro Shigida feat. Kojato
Audio Lotion - Bandulu Jazz
Cleon - Jaylis Family


  1. This is mix of music ive been looking for. The bookmark ive made on my browser in a long time. Thanks for sharing the sounds.


  2. Thanx for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it.